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Configuring Postfix + Spamasassin + Amavis as front-end Mail Transport Agent (MTA) to MS Exchange 2010

Introduction The last time my client uses Windows Small Business Server, I had them bought Trend Micro Client Server Messaging Security for Small and Medium Business. It was quite costly; around $1200 for 15 users includes 2 years maintenance. It made sense then, because his settings makes it easy to manage and maintain and virus […]

Posted on April 15th, 2013 under Linux, System Admin, Windows  •  6 Comments

Ubuntu + Virtualization + Windows on HP TX1499US Laptop

I have HP TX1499US that I purchased off Home Depot a while back. I thought it was a very good deal for a tablet PC, with touch screen, with smaller screen (12.1"), with the stuff it comes with. One thing that I’m not really excited about is the OS it came with: Windows Vista. I […]

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Clearing print spool queue in Windows.

One of my customer had problems printing on Windows on a particular workstation. Whenever a print command is issued, it just sits on the queue without getting printed out. It turned out that the culprit is a print job stuck in print queue. So here’s how to fix it: Go to control panel and double […]

Posted on January 23rd, 2009 under Windows  •  1 Comment

How to SSH with tunneling.

is a very useful feature of SSH protocol. I’ve used it all the time to connect to a LAN network from public / DMZ network. At extreme case, I’ve created a tunnel that goes to another tunnel to reach the host. So how do you do it? SSH Tunneling using PuTTY PuTTY is my favorite […]

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