Optimizing SQL that selects the max/min/etc from a group.

How would you like to optimize a 10 minute query down to 24 seconds? This was an optimization I had to do at work and I thought I’d share this with anyone. Even though I was using MySQL as an example, I think the technique should work on any database. Let’s say you have a […]

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Pantai La Jolla

This is actually a song I wrote after I went back from San Diego. It must have been in Spring 1997.

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… (no title)

This is another poetry in Indonesian that I made about the same time as my other poetry “Manusia”. I’m sure I was about the same state of mind as when I was writing “Manusia”

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For I am the fool

I don’t really remember when I wrote this poem. From the log it was September 1998 and early in the morning. Around that time (early morning and 1998) was one of my hardest. I also was stupid enough (I guess) to quit school and jump into the job market. I guess it’s part of my guilt of “wasting” my parents’ money sending me to complete school. At the time, I’m not sure if I ever complete my bachelor degree.

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This is a short story that I wrote after I broke up with my girlfriend. It must be in 1994 or 1995, I don’t remember anymore. It’s a fiction short story that draws from my real experiences in live; I’m not sure if I can call this a fiction. The name Arny is very similar to my mother’s name (Erni). However, it wasn’t taken from her name. As I was writing this, I was a fan of TV series Roseanne. Her real husband (was also in the series for a while) name was Arny. Somehow, I just picked that name. The similarity of the name with my mother’s is totally coincidence.

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