Solving sudoku using PostgreSQL PL/pgSQL

I have no idea why I would want to solve sudoku in PostgreSQL PL/pgSQL. My guess would be just for the fun of it. I’m also hoping that it can serve as a tutorial example in programming PostgreSQL PL/pgSQL. So what is sudoku? It is basically a number puzzle where the objective is to fill […]

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XML and Ampersand (&)

I’m not sure if many programmers know this. But it’s always a good thing to make sure that they (including me) do. XML specification doesn’t allow ampersand (&). Here’s a quote from XML recommendation with bold emphasis added by me. The ampersand character (&) and the left angle bracket ( 5C’. How would you […]

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Updating WordPress StatPress for bing

As you may know, Microsoft released its search engine (they call it decision engine) sometime last June 2009. The new search engine is bing. Since they launched, I’ve been waiting for an update of StatPress to include bing. After waiting for almost 2 months with no updates, I thought I’ll take matters into my own […]

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_PHPLIB[libdir] Cross Site Scripting Exploit Explained

Lately, I’ve seen an increased attack of bad people trying to run XSS exploit on this website using _PHPLIB[libdir] exploit. It alarmed me a bit as I didn’t really know about that particular exploit. Obviously I wanted to make sure that my site is not vulnerable for it. So I did a little bit digging. […]

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Comparing 2 dates in PHP – A better way

If you Google around for php compare 2 dates, (at the time of this writing) typically they suggest for you to convert the date string into some integer using mktime() or strtotime(). Both the functions returns you Unix timestamp. Understanding Unix Timestamp In my other article, , I mentioned that one of the golden rule […]

Posted on July 11th, 2009 under PHP • 11 Comments

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