Split screen in vi

This is pretty simple to do. It’s also very usable if you just want to compare 2 files or different sections on the same file. Here’s what you do while in vi or vim. Split screen horizontally :split The above code will split vi horizontally like the screenshot below. You can also supply an optional […]

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Adding script name on SQL queries

Have you ever done SHOW FULL PROCESSLIST on MySQL and found that there are some queries that has been running for a long time? Then you tried to find out from where the query was initiated so that you can debug those script only to find out that there are many similar queries from different […]

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Banning Attributor Bot from your WordPress.

I’m not sure if it bugs you or not. If you’re reading this, chances are that you probably gets bugged by their activities. Attributor.com basically is a service to monitor your content and can notify you if someone uses parts of your article, images, or video without your consent. The idea is good. I even […]

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Keep replication in mind when writing SQL code.

This is something I got "bitten" once, especially if you have a development server with its own database not replicated and production database is replicated. That slight difference is enough to cause production problems that may not be noticeable days after production release. As a wise man say: When programming SQL statements, be mindful of […]

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Emulating nextval() function to get sequence in MySQL

There are times when auto increment is not sufficient. And there are times when what you need is actually a sequence. Unfortunately MySQL doesn’t have support for sequence. Having been working on PostgreSQL database as well, I found that it’s nextval() function is pretty nice. So in this article, I’d like to emulate (or implement) […]

Posted on February 8th, 2009 under MySQL • 22 Comments

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