Floyd-Warshal algorithm in PostgreSQL PL/pgSQL.

This article is an extension of my previous article . This time, however, I will write the algorithm completely in PostgreSQL’s PL/pgSQL. For background information and to understand the premise of this post, please glance through my previous post. Ok now that you’re familiar with what we’re working towards, here’s my assumption of your database […]

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Installing Ubuntu Linux on HP TX1499US

I previously installed Ubuntu 7.10 on my other laptop (HP DV6305US) and I had to pass kernel argument noapic during boot, otherwise Linux will hang on booting. Now that Ubuntu 8.10 is out and I have new tablet PC style HP TX1499US, I thought I’d install Ubuntu 8.10 on it. As it turns out, I […]

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Clearing print spool queue in Windows.

One of my customer had problems printing on Windows on a particular workstation. Whenever a print command is issued, it just sits on the queue without getting printed out. It turned out that the culprit is a print job stuck in print queue. So here’s how to fix it: Go to control panel and double […]

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MySQL : Too many connection errors.

I was trying to connect to a MySQL server at work and I got connection fail “Too many connections”. Here’s the screen shot that I took using Navicat Lite client and Sequel Pro. I did Googling a bit and I found that most common problem is because MySQL has too many open client being connected […]

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Choosing virtualization solution

Virtualization is one of the area I’m really an enthusiast. I’ve tried many solutions from Bosh on iMac G4 and PearPC on my Windows to VMWare and VirtualBox and at last to Xen. In fact, Miroshell’s sever is hosted on a Xen instance. I’ve also tried many emulators for game console like Nintendo 64, Sony […]

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